My Purpose

My Purpose

You may be wondering why I think I might be able to discover insight into something that people have pondered for millenia. While I always did well in school, I was never the top of my class. It took me a long time to find my way in my career because I have a small amount of talent in a large amount of areas. I am very good at almost anything I put my mind to, but not truly exceptional at any one thing.

However, there is one rather unique thing about me. Most people are either more “right brained” or “left brained”. Meaning they are either more artistic and creative or are better in structured things like math and science. I have always been split completely down the middle and equally good in all subjects. I took the SAT’s 3 times. Once in middle school, once as a Junior in High School (the pre-SAT’s) and once as a Senior in high school. I did well each time, but not great. And obviously each time as I got older, my score went up. However, the remarkable thing was that my scores in each of the 2 sections were exactly the same as each other to the point all 3 times. One section is supposed to be more right brained like reading and vocabulary, while the other side is supposed to be more left brained like math and science. I have always had an interest in numbers and found this result to be very bizarre. What are the odds of that happening all 3 times?

Recently, the thought occurred to me that maybe the universe was trying to tell me something with my SAT scores. Along with many of my peers these days, I have been trying to figure out my purpose in life. What can I bring to the world to make it a better place? We all have the capability of making a difference; the trick is figuring out how.

Coming up with brand new ideas and creating things from nothing has never been a strong suit of mine. However, possibly due to my ability to use both halves of my brain equally, I realized that I am able to connect dots that others aren’t. I am very good at looking at something and seeing it in a different way. This talent of mine has really been helping me build my career because I am able to come up with “new” ideas that are consistent with what we have done in the past. I have an uncanny ability to build on other people’s ideas and come up with new applications for them.

After I finally figured out what my true talents were in my career, I wanted to find a way to use that skill for he betterment of the world. I came to the conclusion that all of the answers to the universe have already been discovered in pieces but have not been put together. The problem is that some of them were discovered by left brained quantum physicists and others by right brained psychics and what was missing was someone to put it all together. My goal is at least to try to begin to piece it all together. I don’t expect to find all of the answers, but maybe I’ll inspire someone out there to build on my ideas and someone else will build on theirs until we eventually have some real answers. I invite you to join me on this path of discovery and see where it goes. I have only one request: that you keep your mind and heart open and not dismiss something simply because it seems a little (or a lot) crazy.


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