Fun with Ouija Boards

As most children do, I soon grew to be a teenager. Much to my mother’s dismay (because she thought I would become possessed by the devil), I played a lot of Ouija as a teenager. Probably because I wanted someone else to witness a paranormal experience with me, so I wouldn’t feel so alone. A lot of times, the board would say things that no one in the room could possibly know. However, my friends would always think someone was moving it. So one time I sat on the other side of the room nowhere near the board and asked questions. One question I asked was “What is my mother’s maiden name?” and got the correct answer, which was Ohlenschlaeger. Even if somehow one of my friends knew that (and why would they?), there is no way they would have been able to spell it correctly!

Another time we were playing Ouija, a spirit decided to play a trick on us. He said he was a murderer and was coming to get us. He was down the street, then on our block, finally he was at the door and the doorbell rang! It was my Mom coming to pick me up from my friend’s house. The joke was on us and we all screamed and then laughed.

There was one night I was playing Ouija at a different friend’s house where we asked the spirit to give us a sign that he was there with us and the TV turned on. Now, I know you might be thinking that my friend set that up somehow and I admit it is possible. But we took the Ouija board outside the following day, while still contacting the same spirit and played a game. It had to tell us the color of the next car to drive by the house. We did this for hours and it was right every time.

I was at a sleepover at yet another friend’s house playing Ouija when the larger group got bored and moved onto something else. So I started playing with just one other girl who was really into it, like me. The planchette started moving so fast that our fingers fell off of it and then the planchette flew off the board across the room! We decided that was enough for one night and put it away.


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