Ghost Walks in the Florida Keys

While my obsession with Ouija boards may have waned along with my teenage years, my interest in pursuing paranormal activities did not.

Eventually, I started flying down to Florida and meeting my parents in the Keys. The Florida Keys are a great place to vacation. The seafood is fresh and the water is beautiful and full of life. The alcohol is plentiful and the locals are extremely laid back.

One of my favorite things to do is go on a ghost walk in Key West. One time when I went on one with my parents and my husband, we were standing on the sidewalk, looking at a house that the guide was talking about and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I naturally assumed it was my husband or my father, so I turned to see which it was. There was no one anywhere near me. Everyone else on the tour was leaning back against a building and I was up by the curb.

At the end of the tour, the guide brought us to their store where we could buy ghost tour souvenirs. Through the window I could see a chandelier swinging back and forth and thought that was awesome that they made it look haunted. When we went in the store, the chandelier was perfectly still. I went to look at it and there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. It definitely didn’t have anything mechanical moving it! I told my family and no one else had seen it move. After the ghost tour, I had a bad dream about one of the ghosts they spoke of. This nightmare woke me up and I saw the ghost standing at the foot of my bed in a long black cape and then he disappeared.


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