Ghostly Coworkers

Eventually, I decided to get a nice 9 to 5 office job and manage to have as normal a life as I was capable of. Which of course turned out to be anything but normal.

It might surprise you to find out that my paranormal experiences didn’t only happen at night or even just at home. One time when I was getting ready to leave my office, I stood up and the closet door that held my coat opened all by itself (of course there was no one else there to witness this). So I said “thank you”, grabbed my coat and ran out of there.

In that same office, I had to get something from the supply closet. I knew exactly where it was, so instead of turning on the light, I just left the door open so the light from the office lit the closet and went in. It seemed like in slow motion, a game of mousetrap unfolded in front of my eyes. One thing fell into a slightly larger thing again and again until a big box fell and slammed the door shut. There I was, locked in a dark closet, petrified. I managed to get around all of the fallen objects in the pitch black and open the door. I never went in that closet in the dark again.

In a different office, on a number of occasions, the motion censored sinks would turn on when I was alone on the toilet and then the motion censored toilets would flush on their own when I was at the sink. This happened to me in two different bathrooms. There were also times where the light would flicker and the sink would go on at the same time and I would feel like I was really in a haunted house!

My laptop at work has a very sensitive CD tray that opens pretty easily. However, it will open randomly when no one is anywhere near it. I will close it and it will open again. Sometimes, this happens over and over until I yell at it to stop. But then occasionally when I yell, things of mine will disappear. One day after yelling at the ghost to stop opening my CD tray, my blue topaz stone immediately disappeared from my ring and I never saw it again.

One time, I was traveling for work and had to stay in a hotel in Pennsylvania for a few days. Every night at 3am, the TV would turn itself on. I went through every menu option on this TV 10 times looking for an alarm setting to turn off, but there was none. Yet, every night at 3am, the TV would turn on. (Do you see a theme with 3am? That is the real witching hour. Contrary to popular belief, it is not midnight.)


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