My 15 Year Battle with a Demon

In addition to these ghostly paranormal experiences, I also believe that I had a battle with a demon of sorts. My ex-boyfriend (the one with the haunted stereo) told me that long before we met, he messed with some things he shouldn’t have and to that day continued to fight a demon in his dreams. One night, I fell asleep next to him and had an extremely disturbing nightmare. I dreamt that my boyfriend’s bloody mangled corpse appeared on the floor next to the bed and told me the horrible story of how he had come to be a mangled corpse. He then said that sometimes when he closes his eyes, all he sees is lightening.

This dream startled me awake and I told my boyfriend of my horrible nightmare. He informed me that the part about seeing lightening when he closes his eyes is true. And I thought that was one of the craziest things I ever heard until he told me that he didn’t think it sounded like a normal dream and that his demon might have influenced my nightmare. I didn’t know what to think but I didn’t really believe in demons, so I just put it out of my head. It wasn’t that I thought my boyfriend was lying. I knew he believed what he said but I thought there might be another explanation. (Kind of like how a lot of people reacted when I talked about my paranormal experiences.) Little did I know I would end up fighting this demon for nearly 15 years; long after we broke up and I married someone else.

I never had another dream quite like that first one again and the dreams I did have were sporadic and far from occurring every night. As my boyfriend got more involved with his career, I ended up seeing him less and less. Towards the end, we would go at least 2 weeks before even talking on the phone. It was almost as if I would occasionally forget I had a boyfriend until he would call and remind me. (Don’t get me wrong; I was completely faithful and remembered when in the presence of other men). But this was used against me in my dreams.

I had a recurring nightmare where I would wind up in bed with a man. This man was sometimes one of my friends or a stranger. He changed around a lot and a couple of times was actually my husband, though we were just friends at that time. (Ironic, right?) Anyway, at first it would be ok, but then I would remember (because I had no idea up until this point) that I had a boyfriend and the shame and guilt would overcome me. How could I do this? How could I completely forget that I had a boyfriend? How could I sleep with another man??? I would then wake up feeling horrible. Deep down I knew these guilt dreams were being influenced by something other than me. And I have come to learn that demons like to target good people because they feed off of the feelings of guilt and shame. I was a great target!

After my boyfriend and I broke up and I got together with my husband, the dream kind of morphed. I would then dream that I was in bed with my ex-boyfriend and suddenly remember that I was married to my husband. Then the guilt and the shame would come. How could I forget I was married and cheat on my husband??? As the years went by and the recurring nightmare continued, I started to realize in the dream that even though I would end up in bed with my ex-boyfriend, nothing would actually happen. So there was nothing to feel guilty about. Because there’s nothing abnormal about just being in bed with your ex-boyfriend when you’re married, right???

After the dreams stopped bothering me, they changed up again. Now it was a woman I ended up in bed with. But miraculously, the shame and guilt did not return when I remembered I was married. The dream just wasn’t getting to me anymore. That was when the demon got really mad. These dreams would turn into horror movies where all of the objects in the room would start flying at my head. The demon was trying to scare me to at least feed off of my fear if he couldn’t have the guilt anymore. When that was not enough to scare me, he actually showed himself to me. That was the first and only time he did so. He looked a lot like a black werewolf. After that, the dreams slowed and would happen less frequently but they would always end with all of the objects in the room flying at my head when I refused to feel shame anymore.

Then the dreams morphed again. I would be lying in bed and have to pee. Someone in my head would tell me it was a new kind of bed that also worked as a toilet. You could go to the bathroom and it would clean itself. As soon as I would start to go, family or friends would walk in and I could tell by the horrified looks on their faces that there was no such thing as a toilet bed. Then I would be overcome with shame for wetting the bed. This was a strange dream because while I’m sure I must have wet the bed as a young child (I think everyone does), I have no memory of ever doing so.

Eventually, I got tired of this and decided to fight back. I did some research on how to stop a demon from coming to you in your dreams. I found a prayer to the Archangel Michael and recited the prayer asking him to help me. I imagined him wrapping his wings around me when I laid down to go to sleep and the nightmares never returned. After nearly 15 years, I was finally free.


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