My Magical Conclusion

I have something to tell you that will seem a bit crazy: this world is not real. Well, not as “real” as we seem to think it is. On the surface, everything matches up to what we learned in high school Science class. The world has rules, such as gravity, which cannot be broken. But the truth is, when you look really closely at the subatomic particles that make up everything in this planet, something amazing happens. They break all of the rules. Every solid structure that appears to be following all of these “laws” is made up of tiny particles that are not. Don’t believe me? This is basic Science that was proven by Quantum Physicists in the early 1900’s. The real question is what does it mean?

I believe this world is like the movie “The Matrix”, except that we are not being tricked by alien machines that are using us as batteries. Instead, it is a virtual reality of sorts for our souls to learn and grow. This universe is a kind of school for our higher selves. We come here to learn different things, such as patience and responsibility.

This virtual reality might seem very structured and fixed, but the truth is, it is a lot more malleable than it appears. When you are open-minded and allow things to happen, you might be amazed (and/or confused) by what is possible.

After all of my research and all of my experiences, I have come to the conclusion that this world is a learning ground for our souls; a type of virtual reality. I’ve come to accept the idea that anything is possible. Maybe the history of this planet and the universe outside of it are all an illusion to teach us something and give us a sense of humility. Maybe the only thing that is real is the now. I’m not saying this is what I believe. I’m just saying I am open to the possibility.

After all of my crazy experiences, I can no longer live as a skeptic. No matter how ridiculous something might seem, I will entertain the possibility of it being true. I believe that we help create our own experience here in this world. We attract certain people, things and experiences to us. We have a lot more control over our own existence than we are taught to believe. Magic is real and we have the capability to make a better life for ourselves and for others.

I recently lost a stone from my bracelet at work. I traced all of my steps that day and could not find it. I even crawled around under my desk, looking in every crevice and hiding spot, to no avail. The cleaning crew also looked for my stone with no luck. After a couple of days, I had accepted the fact that I would never see the stone again. But then an idea came to me. I visualized the stone being drawn to me like a magnet and asked the universe to help me find it. The next day, when I sat down at my desk at work, I felt something under my foot. Right there, in the middle of my cubicle, out in the open was the stone. As if it had appeared out of nowhere.

I still feel like I am missing a piece of the message that the universe was trying to tell me. That I haven’t put everything together yet. But I have faith that one day it will come to me.

In the meantime, I wish you all love and light. Keep your minds and your hearts open and wondrous things will happen.


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