Psychic Abilities

In addition to the paranormal activity, I have also had some psychic experiences in my life. I used to have them a lot more often when I was a child. I would see something like a commercial in my dreams. My dream would stop and an insignificant scene would happen, like I would witness a conversation between a friend of mine and my teacher and then it would go back to my dream. Within a few weeks, that short clip I dreamed about would happen in real life. Exactly the way I had seen it.

Recently, it worked for me a little differently. I dreamed about a coworker of mine, who I don’t work with very often, so I found it very odd that he would be in my dreams. I dreamt that he was organizing a choral concert and asked me to be in it at the last minute. He didn’t give me the music until 10 minutes before the concert started and I only got to run through it twice in that time. My final performance ended up not being very good because I wasn’t prepared and my coworker was really angry with me.

The next day, that same coworker handed a process that was already in progress over to me with no notice. I felt exactly as I did in my dream. Overwhelmed and unprepared! Some part of me knew what was coming and tried to warn me in my dreams. Thankfully, in real life I did just fine managing the process. I’m glad the dream wasn’t also predicting my failure!

One Halloween, I woke up around midnight when this voice in my head said “Beware of trick or treaters.” I was confused as I looked at the clock because it was far too late now for trick or treaters and would not be a problem until next year. I rolled over and went back to sleep, thinking it must just be a remanence of a dream. At 3am (there’s that time again!) my husband and I woke up to the doorbell ringing. As you can imagine, it was quite startling. We both shot up in bed and then it rang again. My husband got up and put a shirt on as someone started banging on the door.

A woman was standing alone in the cold outside, wearing only a bodysuit and had no purse or anything else on her person. She asked my husband if Zach was here and he said no that she had the wrong house. She then started tugging on the handle of my Audi and asked if he could help her get into her Hyundai. My husband has a Hyundai that was parked next to my car, so he pointed to his car and said “That’s my Hyundai.” Still tugging on the handle of my car, she said “What about this one?” and my husband said “That’s my wife’s car.” Oddly enough she was not acting, walking or talking like she was drunk or high, which made this already strange conversation even more bizarre. She then asked “Where am I?” and my husband told her she was in Deer Park. To which she responded “No, what state am I in? Is this New York or Massachusetts?” Stunned, my husband informed her that she was in New York. Then she asked “How do I get home?” Not knowing where her home was and being a little unnerved by the whole situation, my husband pointed her in the direction of Deer Park Avenue (where he thought she would be safe, since it is a very busy street) and said “Go that way.” We both nervously searched the news the next day to make sure no young woman was murdered in our neighborhood and were very grateful to find nothing! Anyway, I think what I had was a premonition of this bizarre event to come.

Over the years, I have done a number of Tarot card readings for myself and others that have been spookily accurate. I was best at predicting relationships. How and when they would start and when they were destined to end.

I went to a psychic medium once who told me three things that my grandfather who had passed when I was a little girl told him. He said that I knew the man who would be my future husband but we were not there yet and gave me a look that implied it was not my current boyfriend. He was right about that; my husband ended up being one of my best friends. He also told me that I would go back to school and it would become very important to me. I found this extremely hard to believe at the time because I had recently graduated from college and had no desire to ever go back to school! While I never actually went back to college, I decided to go after my Project Management Professional certification, which did involve taking some classes and an extremely difficult test. It was sort of like going back to school and became so important to me that I left one job to go to another when I was no longer getting the project management experience I needed for the certification. I have since learned that psychics will see images of things they are familiar with to get them to say something that is meaningful to the person they are reading. Obviously the closest thing he knew to a PMP certification was school! The psychic medium told me one last thing, which I have not been able to verify as of yet. That I would have two children; a boy and a girl. Well, only time will tell if he is three for three!


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