Research and Epiphanes

I know you are probably thinking this is a lot of paranormal activity to happen to one person in only about 30 years and are skeptical of a lot of it, if not all of it. Believe me, if it didn’t all happen to me, I would be skeptical, too!

Because of all of my experiences, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the paranormal. And lucky for me, there happened to be a ton of shows that came on the air about ghosts, physics and the paranormal. I ate them up, watching show after show; episode after episode. At first I wasn’t completely sure what I was looking for. Maybe just to know I wasn’t crazy and that I wasn’t alone. Partly to see if they could come up with scientific proof that ghosts exist. Dying to see if I could figure out the reason why all of these things had happened to me. I did learn a lot from these shows. For example, I learned what empaths are and that I am one. I also learned a number of other insights, some of which I have shared with you already.

Several of these paranormal shows featured stories that did not involve ghosts. They were about things I did not believe in, such as alien abductions, werewolves, Bigfoot, the chupacabra, etc. At first I was very skeptical and thought these people were nuts! But as I watched these shows and saw cops and former military and people who are intelligent and trained to be observant talk about seeing things like UFOs, I started to wonder. I thought about how unfair it felt when people didn’t believe my experiences. That I seemed crazy to others talking about all of these ghosts in my life and it was hypocritical of me to be so skeptical of others.

Don’t get me wrong; I did believe that there was life on other planets. I just didn’t believe that they would come all the way to Earth just to do Science experiments on us!

Though, one time my family and I were camping and watched a UFO for hours. It looked like a star, but moved very slowly in squiggly patterns around the sky. We never figured out what it could have been. We joked that it was a drunk alien trying to get home.

Another time, my husband was driving us over a bridge in New York City and I saw a bright yellow light that looked almost like a large comet shoot across the sky over our heads. However, my husband did not see it, nor did I ever hear anything about anyone else seeing it.

I had learned a little about Quantum Physics and thought it might offer some scientific explanations for paranormal events. So, I did some research and read a couple of books on Quantum Physics and started to wonder if this world wasn’t as structured and fixed as it seems. If maybe there is a lot more magic than people realize. I opened myself up to the idea that anything is possible. That’s when the universe decided to show me how true that was.


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