Hell: Fact or Fiction

Have you ever wondered if hell is real? Even when I completely believed in Christianity, I never believed in hell. It didn’t make sense to me. Why would Jesus preach love and forgiveness and then damn a large number of people to an eternity of torture for making some mistakes?

However, I became challenged in my beliefs when I had a run in with a demon. If hell doesn’t exist, then how do demons exist? And if you watch enough paranormal shows, you will see that exorcisms are still commonly needed and practiced. Some psychics claim that demons are only on the Earth plane and are created by people. Practicing dark magic or Satan worship can actually create a demon in our world. This explanation satisfied me for a long time. It managed to explain how demons can exist without a hell.

Then, when I started to watch TV shows about people who had near death experiences, I was shocked to find that some people experience hell when they temporarily cross over. I was able to justify this with the possibility that it was just what they needed to experience to improve their life and that hell wasn’t actually real. Upon further research, I found that some psychics claim that hell is created by people on the Earth plane. If they 100% believe in it’s existence and think they have to go there, they are not ready for the after-world and need to spend some time in a place of their own creation for penance. Then eventually, their guardian angels will come collect them and take them to the real after-life. In addition, guardian angels will also eventually come to collect “ghosts” who don’t know they’re dead.

I’d like to expand on that theory. What if going to hell or being stuck on Earth as a ghost are just a piece of the possibilities built into a life plan in order to continue learning on the Earth plane after death? What if death doesn’t have to be the end of our learning in this particular life in this world? What if there really are just other options? In some paranormal shows, you see where ghosts save people’s lives and in doing so accomplish something they were not able to do in life. There was one instance where a woman was being attacked by a ghost in her new house. Her neighbors showed her pictures of the elderly couple who lived there before her and she recognized the man as the ghost. This was odd because the neighbors said he was a wonderful person and had to watch his wife slowly die of cancer and a few days after she passed, he killed himself. If he was a good man in life, why would he be scaring, scratching and bruising her as a ghost? She went to a doctor to get her injuries looked at. One thing lead to another and they found that she was in the early stages of leukemia, where there were no real symptoms yet, but the bruising was what caused the concern. She was treated and cured and never experienced paranormal activity in her house again. The elderly gentleman ghost had saved her life and then was able to move on. Why couldn’t that have been built into his life plan? Why does everything have to be done in this life while we have a body?

This is just another example of how this world is much more mysterious and complex than we realize. The possibilities seem to be endless!


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