Tips for Combating Unwanted Paranormal Activity

One reoccurring problem that people say they have when experiencing unwanted paranormal activity is that they don’t know how to fight something they can’t see. The truth is that not always being able to see ghosts is not the problem. There are many blind people who are able to get through life without seeing anything. The real problem is not knowing how to combat something you don’t understand. Knowledge is power and until recently, there seems to have been a real lack of knowledge when it comes to paranormal activity. Probably because many people still don’t believe in it. Luckily, after much study, I have learned a few things.

Similar to flesh and blood people, but to a much larger extent, ghosts and demons have only as much power as you give them. They cannot truly hurt you unless you let them. You are more powerful than they are. You have a body, which means a couple of things: you are fully in this world and you generate your own energy. Your body generates it’s own electricity, which enables you to move, talk and many other things. Ghosts and demons do not have this self-generating energy. They have to use electricity from appliances, batteries or even steal it from you! They can use this energy to materialize themselves, speak or move objects. The catch 22 of the situation is they can feed off of your fear. The more fear you experience, the more they are able to do to scare you.

To stop unwanted paranormal activity, you have to be confident in yourself and claim your space. If a flesh and blood human was in your house torturing and terrifying you, would you allow it to continue or would you throw them out? The situation is no different when it comes to a person without a body. It is your house and you have a right to feel safe there.

Confidence isn’t always easy when we are being faced with something that is turning our world upside-down. It might be easier said than done, but you have to believe you are strong. Growing up as an empath, I kind of always believed that I was weak. After-all, I would cry all of the time and sometimes not even know why. Then one day as a teenager I heard my Dad telling someone how tough his 2 girls are. This caught me off-guard. Sure, my sister was always strong, but me? Then the thought occurred to me that I was strong. I was confident enough to feel and express my emotions, while other people hide and shy away from them. I was always brave enough to have the difficult emotional conversations that others avoid. Hearing my Dad call me tough was a pivotal point in my life. For the first time, I actually believed that I was. And that belief made me even stronger. You are as powerful as you believe you are.

I can’t emphasize enough how important confidence and intention are. Beings in the spirit world can read your thoughts and feed on your emotions. There is no room for uncertainty. You have to face them and force them to leave. This is YOUR home and you must take ownership of it. While it may seem extremely weird and silly to do so, speak to them out loud. Trust me, no matter where they are, they will hear you. Tell them it is your house and they are not welcome. State firmly that they must leave. One of the first lines of defense is smudging the house with sage. You can google how to do this. If that doesn’t work or you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, there are a number of places to turn to for help. If you request the aid of a religious figure, it helps if you currently believe in that religion. If you call in a paranormal investigator, make sure their intention is to ultimately cleans the house and not just gather evidence of paranormal activity, as this can sometimes exacerbate the problem.

Ghosts can appear because they are attached to you, your house, your property, your neighborhood or even your belongings. Especially, if you own any items secondhand. If you like antiquing or buying things from thrift shops or flea markets, it might not be a bad idea to smudge your house regularly.

Just remember that you are strong and you are the one with the power because you are the one with a body. This is your house. Claim your space and don’t let ghosts or demons walk all over you. And always remember the power of prayer. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from God, angels, guardian angels, spirit guides, departed relatives, or whoever you believe in and feel comfortable reaching out to. They can really help and stop unwanted paranormal activity immediately in it’s tracks.

Wishing you love and light and luck in handling your situation. I believe in you.


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