Crystal Magic

I have always been fascinated by crystals. I love them and over time have filled my home with them. You will rarely see me without one hanging from a chain around my neck. However, I didn’t always believe that they held any kind of magic or power. Until I found out by accident.
My roommate in college believed in crystal magic and was trying to teach me about it. I figured that it couldn’t hurt, so I started bringing a fluorite crystal I had in my pocket when I took tests. I don’t know why I chose this crystal over the many others I had. It had always been my favorite and I felt a strong connection to it.
I went to a jewelry store with my roommate and ended up buying a fluorite necklace because I loved the stone so much. A week (or maybe even less) after purchasing the necklace and wearing it every day, I broke up with my boyfriend. We had been going out for a year and a half and I knew for at least the last six months that it was not going to last. But I hadn’t been ready to end it. I was waiting for the right time. And all of a sudden that time was now! A few days after the break-up, my necklace fell on the floor and broke in half. I am very careful with my stuff and couldn’t believe this happened. It all seemed so strange, so I decided to look up what powers fluorite is supposed to possess:
Fluorite is a stone of mental order and clarity. It is used to enhance mental clarity and reduce instability and disorder. This brings a wiser, more balanced view of life and improves decision making. These traits enable one to manifest ideas and bring plans to fruition. Learning is another key mental use for fluorite. It can improve learning for anyone, enhance focus and concentration, and reduce learning disorders.
Wow. This is the stone I was attracted to bring with me to tests? And then when I started wearing it every day, I immediately took the intellectual path (over the emotional one) and ended my dead-end relationship? And right afterwards, it broke when I didn’t need it anymore…
I learned that crystals have an energy running through them. When you become attuned to it, you can feel them actually vibrate softly in your hand. Different stones and different colors can affect you both mentally and physically. They can be healing, calming or even give you a burst of energy. What a wonderful gift from Mother Nature and so easy to take advantage of.


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