Tips on using Ouija Boards and Other Divination Tools

Ouija Boards get a bad rep and with good reason. But that is only because they are not used properly. Either people don’t really believe in the spirit world or they are so desperate to prove it’s existence that they don’t know that they have to take certain precautions. Pulling out a divination tool, such as a Ouija Board and saying “Is anyone out there?” is the equivalent of running down the street and inviting every stranger you see to come and stay in your house. Then leaving the door open and allowing anyone and everyone to come and go as they please. Obviously no one would ever do that. You’d most likely get robbed and possibly physically harmed. There are a lot of crazies out there!

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be out of the question to throw a party and invite all of your friends, relatives and loved ones. Opening your door to them and allowing them to come and go as they please for the length of the party. That’s probably something most of us have done at one point or another. When used correctly, you can do this with divination tools. Just be willing to accept it if none of your loved ones happen to come through. Don’t use that as an excuse to throw your door open to the whole spirit world!

First you must protect yourself and your home. There are numerous ways to do that, which you can google. Here are some suggestions. Picture yourself being encased in a bubble of white light and ask God to protect you. If you have dried sage, burn it and walk in a circle with it around the room saying that only love and light is allowed into your home. If you don’t have sage, you can place crystals in a circle around you, saying the same thing. If you don’t have crystals, you can use a broom to sweep a circle. Or use any wand shaped object to make a circle around you. The important part is your intention and letting anything negative know they are not welcome in your space.

When you start to use the Ouija Board or divination tool, be specific about who you are looking to contact. You don’t have to call everyone out by name. You can say something like “I am looking to speak with any relatives or loved ones that have passed, guardian angels or spirit guides. Would anyone I just mentioned like to speak with me?” If someone makes contact, ask them if they are someone from your list. If they say no, stop communicating with them immediately. When you are done, make sure you close the session. You must say goodbye or a portal could be left open. Then you should close your circle in the same way you opened it. Thank anyone that reached out to you and thank God for protecting you.

This may not be as exciting as allowing anyone out there to come through. But be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the excitement can be more than you bargained for!


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