An Introduction to Meditation

I talk a lot about meditation in my blog, so my husband suggested I dedicate a post to it. Most people picture someone in yoga clothes in the lotus position, when they think of meditation. But the truth is that many things can be meditative. Whenever you are calm, relaxed and let the constant chatter in your head slow, you are in a meditative state. I find many activities to be meditative: going for a walk, exercising, bathing, showering, even chopping fruits and vegetables. Not only does meditation help with stress relief, but when you allow yourself to be open, you can receive messages from your higher self and your spirit guides. This is when I get many of my “revelations”. If you pay close attention, you can actually feel your body vibrating at a higher state during these times.

I also have done my share of more traditional meditations. One of the easier methods is to lay on your back and breathe slowly in through your nose, hold your breath for a moment and then breathe out slowly through your mouth and repeat this several times. Then go body part by body part from your head to your feet and tense those muscles for a few seconds and then let them relax completely. Picturing your body relaxing as you exhale. Once you have done this through your whole body, picture yourself floating on a cloud: out of your body, up through the ceiling and flying through the air. Picture yourself landing somewhere you love. The most common place is probably the beach. Feel this place of relaxation with all of your senses. If you chose the beach, feel the sand beneath your toes and the sun’s warmth on your face. Picture the waves flowing in and out and hear them crashing on the land. Imagine the sound of a seagull flying overhead. Smell the salt from the water. Stay there for a while and enjoy this place in your mind. When you are ready to leave, picture your cloud coming back and flying you through the air; going back through the roof and returning you to your body. Feel yourself in your body. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Then when you are ready, open your eyes and roll onto your side. You can now get up and continue to go about your day.

There are also many guided meditations you can find online. I am currently using some now, every night before I go to sleep. There is a product called brainwave entertainment that can help force a meditative state. It plays certain tones that put your brain into more of a dream state. Some of these are guided meditations for relaxation and stress relief and some include affirmations to work as a kind of hypnosis.

Just for the hell of it, a couple of the meditations I have been listening to at night are for allowing money and abundance to flow into your life. For 9 months, I have been managing another person at work, but she hasn’t been officially reporting to me. So obviously, I did not get a promotion or raise for the extra responsibility. I have been inquiring about the promotion and raise during those months, but hadn’t gotten the impression that anything had moved forward yet. Less than a week after I started listening to the meditation, my boss decided to check in with me to see how engaged I was and what my pain points were. I expressed my frustration over not having this person officially report to me. Yesterday, it had been two weeks since this conversation and he told me that he talked to his boss and she supports the change and a bump in my salary. Now I don’t know how much it will be or when it will be finalized, but more movement towards this change has happened in the three weeks I have been doing the meditations than in the 9 months prior!

You may be wondering how me listening to a meditation could influence my boss and his boss into action. There are a few answers to that. The first is that this world is more malleable than we realize, and like attracts like. Your own thoughts can magnetize people and situations to you. You can change your life by changing the way you think. And second, it may have influenced the way I responded to my boss’s questions. The meditations may have given me the instincts I needed to influence my boss to act. Either way, I think it is a pretty big coincidence and I don’t believe in coincidences.

Sending you love and light and luck in your experiments with meditation. I hope you get as much out of it as I do.


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