An Overview of Numerology

As promised in a prior post, I have been doing some research on numerology. The idea behind numerology is that our soul’s purpose and life path can be determined by the date we were born and our full name given at birth. Each letter in the alphabet is assigned a number between 1 and 9. A is 1, B is 2, etc, until you get to 9 and then it goes back to 1. The different numbers represent a specific personality type. Also, according to numerology, our lives are composed in a series of 9 year cycles and each of those 9 years has a particular focus for us.

It really is fascinating how accurate much of my numerology readings have been. Some of the standouts are that one of the best professions for me to fulfill my soul’s desire is an actor. That was my first career and I spent more than a decade studying the craft before I decided to pursue the corporate world instead. The second piece to that numerology reading was that in this life I have what they call a “karmic debt”, where there is something I have to learn from “Being a big boss at a big company”. Wow. I am very close to officially becoming a Manager at a Fortune 1,000 company and only a year or two ago decided I wanted to become a VP one day. It’s nice to know I’ve been so in tune with my soul’s purpose in this life. My numerology reading also said that I am a seeker of knowledge and looking to find the meaning of life. Since that’s been the ultimate goal of my blog, I would say that is pretty spot on.

In the beginning of my research, I found it difficult to wrap my brain around how everyone born on the same day (in the same year, of course) could have the same life path. But I suppose it’s not completely crazy, considering that you will have similar experiences at a global level. Also, the addition of your full name adds differentiations to your numerology results. But that brought me to my next skeptical question: if your name determines your soul urge, personality and expression, does that mean that your parents unknowingly chose your entire life for you before it even began? According to numerologists, your soul assists your parents in choosing an appropriate name for you. And when it comes to your last name, there might be certain generational focuses that your relatives have been working on for centuries. But your last name by itself is not as meaningful as your full name in numerology.

The 9 year cycles start when you are born with your life path number. Each of these years attracts something different to you and holds its own challenges. Trying to push for something not aligned with your personal year will have a low probability of success. This is kind of similar to astrology (which I will be studying at some point), but is based on your exact birth date and a 9 year cycle, as opposed to your zodiac sign and the movements of the planets and moon. The 9 year cycle also applies to months and days, but as you go down from year to month to day, the number has less impact.

Any number can reduce down to the numbers 1 through 9, though the numbers 11, 22, and sometimes 33 are kept whole because they could have deeper meanings. For example, the year 2017 reduces to a 1 year, because 2+0+1+7 = 10 and 1+0 = 1. That means the universal year is starting a new cycle in 2017. This will have some impact, as well as your personal year. Once all of the numbers start overlapping, it does get a little muddled and confusing for me.

Numerology is an interesting thing to think about. Someone was just telling me that their life really fell into place when they turned 37. I couldn’t help but notice that 37 reduces down to a 1, which is the beginning of a new cycle. Everything fell into place because she had a chance to start fresh at that time. Now, I don’t know what her birthdate is, so I cannot say what personal year that was for her, but I still found it interesting.
Now that I am aware of the numbers influencing my life, I will try to track if my personal years align with my experiences, opportunities and challenges. If anything of note comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know. My conclusion is if numbers speak to you, numerology is definitely worth looking in to. If you have a hard time with numbers, studying numerology is not for you. A simple reading may still be intriguing, but anything deeper will probably just get too confusing.


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