When it Comes to Happiness, How Often is Often Enough?

How long do you truly stay happy for after you achieve a goal or something great happens to you? A few days; a few months? Then what happens? Probably routine sets back in, you become bored and set new goals. And this continues and is the cycle of life. The truth is we wouldn’t really know we were happy if we were never unhappy, so happiness cannot actually last forever or it would cease to exist. But the true opposite of happiness is not complacency or striving, it is sadness. And sadness is not something we can avoid. People are always going to be coming in and out of our lives and parting tends to brings sadness (especially when it is through death). So shouldn’t we be able to be happy at any point we are not sad? Except maybe for people currently experiencing depression, that would be a lot of happiness! So why aren’t we happy that often?

Is part of you afraid to be too happy? I think many of us believe that we need to be unhappy in order to grow and pursue our goals. That we wouldn’t have any drive if we weren’t striving for happiness. What if those are limiting beliefs and you don’t need an unending amount of will power to pursue growth while you are happy? I’m not talking about head over heals just fallen in love happiness, but a deep contentment and comfort with who you are and where you are in your life.

I believe that when we are truly happy with our life right now, it is actually easier to make our goals a reality. When we are content with things as they are, we let go of our fears and anxieties about the future. We will simply enjoy our lives, as is, even if nothing ever changes. We accept where we are with gratitude and still have dreams for the future. When we are in this calm, relaxed state, we attract positive things to ourselves because we have stopped getting in our own way. We can see the opportunities that present themselves to us because we are focused on the present instead of the future.

The truth is we don’t need to accomplish everything we have ever wanted to be happy now. We all have something in our lives that makes us happy, even if it is only briefly. It could be hugging or kissing a family member, or even petting a pet. Or perhaps just enjoying a glass of wine while you watch your favorite TV show. Sure, we all have frustrating moments and I am not advising that you fight against these negative emotions when they arise, but simply acknowledge them, determine if they are there to teach you something and let them go. As soon as the event is over, it is in the past, and our goal is focusing on the present. True happiness can never be achieved by living in the past, even if you were happy then. Because if you are not feeling happy now, it is just a reminder of how unpleasant you find your current situation. When we focus on happiness we had in the past, we are harping on something we have lost and have trouble moving forward.

Experiencing happiness in the present could even be a tool for weight loss. If you can find a way to be happy with your body the way it is (which EFT can help with), you will love your body and work with it instead of trying to punish it for being overweight. If we can accept our body now, we will start to listen to its needs and discover a weight loss technique that works for us. Think about it. The reason there are so many different diets and exercise routines out there is that everyone’s body is different. So how do we know which one is right for us? We have to learn to listen to our body; but it is very difficult to listen to someone you don’t respect.

Your body gives you messages every day of hunger or exhaustion. Are you truly listening without judgment? Even when your body tells you it wants carbs, while you are on a low-carb diet? Probably not, because we are told we need to learn to ignore our cravings in order to lose weight. So we stop trusting our body and start ignoring it all the time. But it just might be possible that the diet is wrong for us, instead of our body’s craving. As long as you practice moderation when fulfilling that craving. Imagine how much happier you would feel overall if you were happier with your body.

How amazing would it be to be happy 90% of the time; or even 50% of the time? So what’s stopping you? Wishing you love and light and happiness.


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