Recovering from a Concussion or Minor Brain Damage

Last week, I slipped on some ice, fell backwards and smacked the back of my head on my driveway. The doctor determined that I have a level one concussion, which is the least serious kind. He gave me a list of symptoms to look out for. Some of them are signs that I will need a CT scan and others are indications that I need to go to the ER right away. Other than that, he said not to run 10 miles or lift weights and to be careful of dizziness when bending over. It seemed so strange to me that with as far as we have come in the medical field, they don’t do anything for concussions.

I thought for sure there could be something to help speed up recovery. When I searched online, I found that the medical recommendation is basically to do nothing when you have a concussion. Sit in a dark quiet room and wait for your brain to heal. While I do believe in the incredible healing capabilities of the body, that seems to me like really outdated information. After a surgery, doctors used to advise patients to stay in bed and heal for a long time. But now, many times, patients are up and moving the same day of the surgery. It was discovered that the healing process progresses much faster that way. So why are we still stuck in the dark ages (literally laying in a dark room) when it comes to the brain?

I decided to search for homeopathic remedies for a concussion. I found that fish oil should be consumed and essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood can be applied to the body or used in aromatherapy to help heal the brain. I also found different acupressure points to stimulate to help with a concussion. I read that one of the most important things you can do is eat as soon as you can after the incident. Foods with healthy fats are important and you should make sure you consume enough protein and antioxidant rich foods, as well as water. Our brains are made up of a lot of fat and water and we need to regrow our brain cells. We also need plenty of energy for this repair. In this case, our food can definitely be our medicine.

In addition to these recommendations, I have been using brainwave entertainment meditations with subliminal messages on healing. While I couldn’t find anything online saying whether listening to these meditations with a concussion is helpful or harmful, I know that they work by making new connections in the brain. So if they are encouraging brain growth, couldn’t they possibly help speed up the healing process? I have personally found them to help me. Keep in mind, my concussion was very minor, so I have no idea how they would impact someone with a more serious concussion. But I think the real issue is everyone is too afraid to experiment when it comes to the brain. Not that I can blame them for being cautious. But my thoughts are if at any point I feel like something is not right, I will stop what I am doing. Could any of these things really do that much harm?

I have also used EFT a lot to help with the pain and the recovery. When I first hit my head, the pain was pretty excruciating. I sat on my couch and “tapped” on the pain and the experience of falling and hitting my head until the pain went from maybe an 8 to around a 2. The 2 was much more manageable. I also tapped on the part of me that blamed my husband for not doing a better job shoveling our driveway and the part that blamed me for not being more careful. It is important to let go of any blame we feel around an accident, whether it is directed at ourselves or someone else. Holding onto that negativity can slow down healing because we want to punish them/us for their/our part in our injury, so we don’t want to let the injury or pain go.

I did read that one doctor is just starting to experiment with using an exercise routine to help stimulate healing in people with concussions, but not until around 3 weeks after the incident. This is a major step up from not allowing exercise until all symptoms have dissipated, which is the standard recommendation I saw online. This doctor is finding a lot of promise, with no lasting harm from unintentionally pushing too hard for short periods of time.

I hope to one day see a true melding of medical practices and homeopathic remedies in the Western culture. Maybe then we will begin to see breakthroughs in healing things like brain damage, where our doctors are currently at a loss, when it comes to a cure. I think we are coming closer with the wide acceptance of chiropractors and acupuncturists, but are not moving anywhere near fast enough.


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