My House

When my husband and I got engaged, like many couples, we started looking for a house. After all of the experiences I had in my parents’ house, you can imagine my relief when the prior owners of my house said that my new house wasn’t haunted. I figured I would probably bring some of my own ghosts, but was relieved to not have anything additional already there! I was right about bringing my own paranormal things into the house. I have heard children giggling, actually seen orbs with my own eyes, have had lights come on by themselves in the middle of the night and things disappear and reappear in my house.

My husband and I have two Chihuahua’s named Desi and Lucy. Desi is a long-haired Chihuahua and Lucy is a half Chihuahua, half whatever. Her mother was a Chihuahua who got out. All we know is that she came out of a Chihuahua but her father was definitely something else.

Anyway, we always crate our dogs at night when we go to bed. But sometimes, one of them will decide they are not ready for bed and run away. My husband was corralling them into their room while I was tuning off the TV and lights in our living room, when I saw a small white dog run by. I went to go catch the renegade for my husband and carry him into his room, but the dog was gone. I saw him run into the kitchen but there was nothing there. I asked my husband if one of the dogs had gotten loose and he said no. They both went in with no problem. Since then, I will occasionally see one of my dogs crouch down and play, as if with another dog, but there is no one there. Or at least I can’t see anything! I simply tell my husband “Desi’s playing with the ghost dog again!”

I have seen the full figures of ghosts in our house, as well. One night my husband and I were in bed and I saw him get up and walk out of our bedroom (I imagined to go to the bathroom), so I stretched out for a moment on the bed and ended up smacking my husband right in the face. Because he was in fact still lying next to me. When I thought really hard about it, the man I saw didn’t have any legs. I had only seen him from the waist up! I recently found out that this can be a common occurrence when seeing apparitions.

One time I had just gone to bed before my husband (which is unusual) and I was lying there trying to get comfortable when I saw a woman wearing a dress just looking at all of my jewelry on my dresser. Then she looked at me and disappeared. I never saw her as clearly again as that first time, but she would wake me up at night. I would feel someone staring at me and wake up to see a mist next to my bed, which would then fly out of the room. I also had a laptop that would beep all through the night, which was the sound it made when you closed it. Though she wasn’t really bothering me (except for disturbing my sleep a little) I got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to tell her to leave. This is something I have never done before but I just felt like I had to. I wanted to know her name so I could address her directly. When I asked her name, I felt drawn to look at the sand in my aquarium. I was like “Sand…Sandy?” Yes, I felt her name was Sandy. So I told Sandy that this was my house and she didn’t have the right to disturb my sleep and she had to leave. It felt as if this worked and she left. After that, the laptop stopped beeping at night. A few weeks later, Superstorm Sandy ravaged Long Island and my house was untouched (other than losing electricity for two weeks!). Can you imagine? I had just sent “Sandy” away from my house a few weeks before!

When my husband and I were eating dinner one night, I heard a piece of foil crinkling in the kitchen. I looked next to the stove and actually saw a little hand-print pressing into the foil and crinkling it. This lasted for at least a minute and my dogs were crazy barking at it and hiding behind my legs!

Another night, we were sitting on the couch and watching TV when one of the stalks on our palm tree started twisting one way and then the other, like someone was playing with it. This went on for at least a few minutes. Again the dogs were barking like mad at it. In fact, the stalk got so twisted, it ended up dying after that night.

Another time watching TV, we were cooking dinner in the oven. There was an extremely bright light like an explosion coming from the stove. But there was no sound and nothing was burned or harmed and we found that the oven had turned itself off.

This wasn’t the only experience we had with kitchen appliances. We had a quirk in our microwave, where it would turn on by itself randomly when you would close it. I thought this was an electrical problem and didn’t think much of it. But one night my husband said he heard growling in his ear when he was trying to sleep (sound familiar?) so I did a cleansing of the house with sage. After that, the microwave stopped turning itself on. It took me a long time to even realize that it had stopped and when!

Oddly enough, I have seen orbs in the back-up camera of my car. The first time it happened, I backed out into the street and saw an orb in the camera but not the rear-view mirror. The orb swirled around and got closer and closer until I panicked and drove away, so the back-up camera turned off. A few weeks later, I walked out of my front door and felt something smack my forehead. I thought for sure that it must have been a branch, so I looked up and there was nothing there. No branches or anything was anywhere near me. This made me think of the orb I saw in my back-up camera. Would you believe that when I pulled out of my driveway that day, I saw two orbs in my back-up camera. One of them was jumping up and down in the street. I watched for a while and then pulled away because I didn’t want to hold up other cars.


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