Why Some of us Experience Paranormal Activity

From the time we are old enough to reason, we are plagued with one question. The ultimate question. When we were young, we asked over and over: “Why?”. Most times the answer was simple, but the more you asked it again and again it came down to the same thing. Depending on your religion (or the religion of your parents) the session usually ended with “Because God made it that way.” But the truth is, whether you believe in God or not, that was not an answer. Or maybe it just called for one more “Why”.

Most of us who believe in God picture some mysterious magical being that we, as mere peons, have no hope of understanding. But what if that’s not true? What if we have a lot more control over our own lives than we realize and the reason we are here is not as complicated as we might imagine. I believe we are really close to finding the answer to the question we have been asking since the beginning of time.

In the past several decades, there has been an explosion of knowledge. The internet has brought so many answers to us at the touch of a button. Many people continually predict Armageddon or the end of the world. But in actuality, with every end comes a beginning. What if an end is coming, but that end is really a time of awakening, where we learn why we are here in this life. What if the thing that is ending is merely a time of ignorance without any answers?

Due to the number of incidences that have happened to me since childhood, I have always been fascinated by the paranormal and have read a number of books written by psychics. Many psychics believe that our souls come to this world to learn and grow. This universe is a kind of school for our higher selves. We come here to learn different things, such as patience and responsibility. We build different life paths before we come here to help set us up to learn these lessons. Since we have free will and can react in an infinite amount of ways to the different situations life presents to us, we create a large number of alternate possibilities we can attract to ourselves in this world.

Do you know someone who keeps finding themselves in the same bad situation? Perhaps they need to keep repeating that negative experience until they learn what their soul has set out to learn in this life. With as much as we would all like to be happy all of the time, have you ever noticed that you learn more from the challenging times? That when it is all over, you are proud of yourself for getting through it and possibly even feel you are a better person for it.

Some people are angered by this theory. They don’t like the idea that this whole world is some kind of test. But isn’t that better than the alternatives? That we are entirely at the will of a mysterious being with unfathomable motives? Or even worse, that there is nothing more than this physical world; we suffer, we die, and then it is all over?

Don’t get me wrong; I do believe in God, just not some giant ruler in the sky. I believe that every religion has a piece of the truth and you just have to puzzle them all together to find the whole. Just like I believe that the answer to the universe and why we are here is all out there and just needs to be put together.

In addition to reading paranormal books, I have also watched a large number of TV shows ranging from ghosts to alien abductions, werewolves, Bigfoot, and the chupacabra. Have you noticed how many people have had paranormal experiences these days? From celebrities to police officers to military personnel and astronauts. I think it is to combat the growing popularity of atheism and the belief that life is pointless and there is nothing more. Having a paranormal experience, such as seeing a ghost can change your life by proving that there is life after death and more to this world than meets the eye.

My favorite show is “The Haunting of…” starring psychic Kim Russo, who takes celebrities from the show “Celebrity Ghost Stories” back to the place of their haunting for answers. The reason why I love this show is that Kim Russo looks to find out why these hauntings happened to these particular people at that particular time. Many times paranormal activity was attracted to that individual because it mirrored something that was going on in their life. Sometimes these experiences triggered a lesson or change in their life.

What if the paranormal world is just as real as the physical world we live in? Maybe we build these paranormal experiences into our life plans to learn certain lessons, the same way we build in any other challenges. Perhaps the psychological intensity of having a paranormal experience, whether it be a haunting or an alien abduction, presents the opportunity for us to learn more in a short period of time than other experiences.

Consider the possibility that as our souls become more advanced, they are capable of handling greater and greater challenges. What can be more challenging than having all of your beliefs about reality be put into question? That is certainly a lot to take. I believe that we are like rubber bands and when we go through stressful times in life we are stretched. When we get past those times and go back to normal, that normal is a little larger and larger each time. Yes, there is always the possibility of snapping, but that is the chance we take when our souls decide what we can handle when creating our life plans.

It is possible that paranormal activity has not increased in recent years, only our access to it has. However, my theory is that more people are having paranormal experiences these days because it is a faster way to learn our life lessons and our stronger souls are prepared to handle them without snapping. This may not answer all of the questions we have about the meaning of life but it provides a lot of answers I have been seeking since I was a little girl.


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